You can support the eFa Project by making a donation. The amount to donate is up to your choice. All donations will be handled by PayPal, so you may have to create a Paypal account.

eFa project will donate 50% of all donations made to the eFa Project to the opensource projects which make eFa Project, the other 50% will be used to pay a part of the hosting and bandwidth costs.

Please consider donating at least 5 USD/Euro. Otherwise the transaction fees will eat up most if not all of your donation.


It is possible to sponsor eFa in a few way’s, note that we will not provide any advertisement placement in exchange for sponsorship.
However if you can help us out with any of the following please contact us.

  • VMware Test/Stage servers
  • Hyper-V Test/Stage servers

Note that for test/staging servers we require full access to the hypervisor (Creating/restoring snapshots, install bare OS from cd etc..)

If you are interested in becoming a eFa Project sponsor, you can contact us at