The update is now available, as this is an security update please update as soon as possible.

The following issues have been fixed in

  • Issue #201 Bug – Deprecated release-msg.cgi
  • Issue #236 Enhancement – Disable spam not delivered messages by default
  • Issue #253 Bug – EFA-Backup ssl folder
  • Issue #260 Bug – Header in Apache Settings wrong
  • Issue #261 Bug – learn-msg.cgi wrong path for sa-learn
  • Issue #262 Bug – MS_LOGO and MW_LOGO Definitions Needed
  • Issue #268 Enhancement – EFA-Init link test without DHCP dependency
  • Issue #269 Bug – SQL error during rename of host name in EFA-Configure
  • PR #270 Bug – Typo in RELEASENOTES
  • Issue #272 Security – MailWatch Vulnerability

Please review the RELEASENOTES prior to updating for important information:

It is recommended that you suspend your mail flow and snapshot prior
to updating or to back up the entire appliance.

1) Stop mail flow temporarily (at firewalls/mailservers)
2) Snapshot your VM and its memory using your hypervisor tools
3) If the update fails for any reason, immediately roll back to snapshot
4) Report failure at

The first time you run this update, the kernel may update. If this
happens, the script will halt to give you an opportunity to restart.
After restarting and booting to the new kernel, rerun EFA-Update to
continue the update process to

EFA-Update will not proceed until you are running on the latest
kernel. This is to ensure that open-vm-tools updates appropriately
if present.

You can download the latest VM image version from the downloads page.